7 wonders of the modern world Bing Quiz


The 7 new wonders of the Modern World are a series of monuments in different countries that won a contest organized by the private company New Open World Corporation where more than 90 million people around the world were able to vote through the Internet and via SMS. Wonders of the modern world Trivia.

This voting process was online for several months. In this way, the world habitants themselves were in charge of choosing their new 7 wonders. Do you know about this? Take the 7 wonders of the modern world Bing Quiz.

7 wonders of the modern world Bing Quiz

The winners of the contest were announced on July 7, 2007, that is, on 07/07/07. For this announcement, a great ceremony was held at the Estádio da Luz, in Lisbon, Portugal. In the voting, dozens of monuments and architectural works from all continents built until 2000 were being considered.

7 wonders of the modern world Bing Quiz.

21 works reached the final phase, among them the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House among others. But only 7 would be considered the winners. Later, Unesco recognized the winning monuments as a World Heritage Site. In addition, a well-known candidate would be added as an honorable mention: The Giza Pyramids, since they are part of the wonders of the ancient world that are still standing.

The 7 wonders of the modern world represent, in addition to a great historical and human heritage, 7 tourist destinations that everyone should know, which is why they receive hundreds of visits every week. Do not hesitate to check this 7 wonders of the modern world Bing Quiz if you are interested in learning more about these works.

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  1. Aurora Borealis from New York atop the Empire State building.? Really?
    I live 600 miles further north and seeing the northern lights is a rare bird, maybe once a year
    if lucky. So it is misleading to tell people to go to the top of the building to see the aurora,
    when most all the time, even in upstate N.Y on say, Whiteface mountain, it would be a rarity.

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