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Space and the universe are big things for science. There is a bunch of people constantly studying it and trying to understand how it works and how it was created perfectly, and there is still so many things we don’t know. But, if you love space and you think you know more than the average person, you need to take the Bing World Space Week Quiz.

In this quiz you will get 10 questions with three possible answers about space. You will find questions about planets, concepts, instruments and so much more. But don’t worry, if you don’t know much about it, you can learn with this quiz and read more about every subject. It is very fun, short and easy to answer.

bing space quiz

On this post we will share with you some of the questions and answers of this quiz so you can know what you can expect from it. Also, if you are taking these quizzes for the points, get the answers here so you know what the right option is.

Bing World Space Week Quiz questions and answers

As we mentioned before, if you love space, this is the perfect quiz for you. We will give you some examples so you can know how the quiz is. If you want to take it, look up for it on Bing or on the Bing Fun section.

On which planet are days longer than years?

a. Saturn
b. Marsc. Venus
The answer is C (Venus)

How long do footprints last on the Moon?

a. Six months
b. A few seconds
c. Million of years
The answer is C (Million of Years)

Which of these things did the Apollo 11 crew not have before their mission to the moon?

a. Medical Exams
b. Food
c. Life insurance
The answer is C (Life Insurance)

Which planet is not named after a Greek or Roman deity?

a. Earth
b. Mercury
c. Pluto
The answer is A (Earth)

Which of these is the same size as the Hubble Space Telescope?

a. school Bus
b. 757 Airplanes
c. Golf Cart

The answer is A (School Bus)

Now with this guide you can take the test and ace it! If you want the points, with these answers you can get a few ones and you can also learn new things while you do it. These quizzes are very fun, so take a few ones if you want more points.

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