Bing America Quiz


America, one of the continents we have in the world. There are a lot of things to say about this continent. We can start saying that this continent, for some Spanish speakers, it is divided into three parts, those parts are known as North, Central and South America or for the English speakers, this continent is better known as the Americas continent and it is divided into two parts: the North and the South. Bing America Trivia

Bing America Quiz

This continent has a lot of cultures, different languages and a variety of climates. Well, if I had to tell you about all the diversity we can find in this continent, I would never end. That’s the reason why this continent is so interesting. But how much do you know about the continent? Does the people of this continent speak English? Is it Spanish? Well, as I told you before, there are plenty of things that we can find inside the Americas.

Let’s see your knowledge about this continent! If you don’t know something, don’t worry! You can use this opportunity for learning new things. If you live in any country of the Americas, this is your opportunity to prove you are an expert and to test your knowledge about the continent where you are from. The important thing here is to enjoy our Bing America quiz and to spend a relaxing time with us.

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  1. This quiz relly made me think I like this if you can make more I would be pleased.Thank you foe helping my knowlege think this through

  2. I strongly advise that Facebook edit better. Much is garbled and unclear. A lot of good stuff is not delivered or relevant to issues

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