Bing Apollo 11 Quiz


The moon, Earth’s natural satellite, we can see it every night. When we were kids, some of us thought that if we travelled to the moon, we could eat it because it was made of cheese. 

Now we all have grown up and we know that is not true but there is something we still dream and it doesn’t matter the age we are and that is: walking in the moon. Well, there were two men who made that dream come true…

Bing Apollo 11 Quiz

On this occasion we decided to focus our attention on the Apollo 11 mission and the first moon landing but If I tell you all about this story, I will be spoiling you the questions of this quiz. Even so, I know you have already read about this mission or at least heard this story many times. Perhaps you already know a lot about it and that is great because this historical event should never be ignored.

I hope you join us to this Bing Apollo 11 quiz and you enjoy a lot doing it. If you do not know some answers, don’t worry! This is a good time to learn too.

So, be ready! It is time to accomplish this Apollo 11 quiz mission! 3, 2, 1, here we go!

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