bing april fools quiz

Bing April Fools Quiz


Imagine that you are watching t.v and suddenly someone knocks the door, then you open it and… SMASH! You feel the pie all around your head and you hear that person shouts the phrase APRIL FOOLS! Then you know it; it is time to do the prank back. Bing April Fools Trivia.

Bing April Fools Quiz

We all have done pranks and jokes every time we want. But this day is different, it is something special, it is the day when you should do that special joke you have been keeping in your mind for years, it is the day for pranking someone without feeling guilty about it. It is April fools’ day!

We all know this day is a tradition. You can do pranks and jokes to your family and friends. Nowadays even there are people who record their pranks because those are the perfect material for social media. Well, it doesn’t matter how you spend this day, the important thing is to have fun and enjoy the time with the ones you love. But, When did we start celebrating this day? Why do we celebrate it? Is it celebrated all around the world? Well, let’s see if you can answer these questions on this Bing April fools quiz!

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  1. I would have felt more comfortable, if there was more variety in your quizzes. For example, I love music and can tolerate several different fields, my preference is metal. I also prefer customization on my device and was very disappointed with the way president Trump was treated by media.

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