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Do you like taking quizzes? Different reports shows that currently the most popular content are quizzes, and being honest, we all love taking a simple quiz to find out something.

Now you can take different types of test with Bing Daily Quizzes and learn a little bit more of different subjects. They are short, simple and very entertaining, you can find out relevant or interesting information in these quizzes.

Bing Daily Quizzes is part of a compendium of quizzes that the company is offering to entertain and bring a little educational moment to all their users. Everyone can take them and participate in them. The platform will show you the correct answers and give you more important information around the subject. But exactly, what can you expect from these quizzes?

What are the Bing Daily Quizzes?

As we mentioned before, with these quizzes the company is expecting that their users spend some time having fun and learning something new every day. So, in the main page of Bing you will find a new quiz every single day, and each one is about a different subject. And, if you wonder what can you expect from these quizzes, know that you can learn things about history, politics, current news, science, music, art, holidays, and so much more.

How to take these quizzes?

You can find the daily quizzes on the main page of Bing, just under the search bar. You will have a question and three possible answers. If you answer, the platform will take you to a new page where you will see if it was right or not and you can check more information about it.

Then if you want to take another questions, you can go back to the main page and change the question in the little side arrows that are at the bottom of the page. It will change the background and also the question they show you. This way you can take another one.

Remember that if you are a Microsoft member you can get points for each correct answer you get, so keep playing, have fun and recollect all the points you can every day. If you have a lot of points, you can exchange them for prizes and rewards offered by the company, for example, gift cards.

So, take these quizzes, share them with others and have fun with them. You will learn something along the way about different subjects and win the points.

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