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Bing Education Quiz


If you normally use Bing to do researches and find information, then you probably know that you can take quizzes on the platform.

These quizzes are about different subjects and you can find information and facts about everything, but they are all about education and being informed on different things. If you want to learn new things in these, you should definitely take the Bing Education Quiz.

Bing Education Quiz

You can find this quiz on the Bing Fun Section easily. You just go to the homepage quiz and you can select quizzes about what you want. You can choose different levels of education, formal or informal. You can take a quiz for elementary school specifically on history and put your knowledge to test with the quiz. Is really simple and fun to take, so if you have never done it, take a look at the instructions below.

How to take the Bing Education Quiz?

If you never have take one quiz on Bing, you need to create an account or login on yours first. Then, you can search for the Bing Fun section, where you will find all the quizzes and games of the platform. You will be able to see the quizzes and then you can choose the bing education quiz easily.

You will see all the questions and possible answers. If you answer correctly, you will earn points in your account that you can later exchange for prizes and rewards. So, in this way you can learn a lot of things while making points. Also, if you choose different levels you can learn a lot from different subjects in an easy way.

For each correct answer you will make pints and the page will show you in green that you were right. If you have a wrong question the page will show you in red. The best part is that once you are done, you can make a research about the subject and learn more about what you did not know previously.

Questions from the Bing Education Quiz

What is the name of the color used on most school buses?

  1. Electrical banana
  2. Sunshine No. 5
  3. National School bus glossy yellow

Which character was the first to appear on a lunchbox?

  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. Snoopy
  3. Felix the Cat

What was Horace Mann’s contribution to US education?

  1. The chalkboard
  2. Free public school
  3. Dodgeball

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