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Bing Geysers Quiz


If you love nature and you know a lot about the phenomenon that happen there, you probably will love the Bing Geysers Quiz. This test you can take it in the main page of the Bing platform and it is very simple, short, interesting and educative. If you go to the main page, you will be able to see a simple quiz that takes different subjects. But if you want to take this one, you can find it in the Bing Fun section.

Bing Geysers Quiz

The Bing Geysers Quiz is very short and has just 6 questions with three or four possible questions each one. It is very educative and you can learn a lot with it, because at the end of the quiz, the platform will show you the right answer and it will give you more information just in case you want to research more about it.

It appears that this quiz is not set up correctly

In this post we will show you the questions of the quiz, so if you playing for the points, you can already know the questions and research the right answers. Take your time and take this quiz!

Bing Geysers Quiz: questions

Now we will show you all the questions of the quiz. You can research the right answer in each one before taking the real quiz.

The second largest concentration of geysers in the world is able to be found on which Russian peninsula?

a. Mangghyshlaq Peninsula
b. Crimean Peninsula
c. Kamchatka Peninsula
d. Yucatan Peninsula

Once open time, in New Zealand was the most powerful geyser in the world. Do you know, what occurrence put an end to that magnificent geyser in 1904s?

a. A meteorite fell into it and plugged the hole
b. The geyser erupted sideways into an opal mine
c. Tsunami
d. Landslide

What do you call a geyser that erupts from a body of water once cone geysers erupt from the ground?

a. Bubble geyser
b. Maelstrom geyser
c. Fountain geyser
d. Eddy geyser

What is the name of the world’s tallest geyser that found in Yellowstone National Park?

a. Steamboat Geyser
b. Old Faithful Geyser
c. Beehive Geyser
d. Vixen Geyser

The word geyser comes from the “Great Geysir” as an erupting stream. Where is the countries located?

a. U.S.
b. Russia
c. Egypt
d. Iceland

Based on the research, half of the world’s geysers are found in which of the following countries?

a. Alice Springs Northern Territory, Australia
b. Yellowstone National Park Wyoming, USA
c. Haukadalur, Iceland
d. Stromboli, Italy

Now that you have all the questions, go ahead and research the answers and then take the quiz on the Bing platform. Is fun and you can win all the points!

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  1. SORRY, IN 2018 WHEN STEAMBOAT GEYSER STARTED ERUPTING again at heights reaching up to 360 feet enough to splash the top of the Statue of Liberty. You can literally feel the ground move and it sounds like a jet plane. When it erupts the water goes out of Cistern Pool,

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