Bing Holiday Villains Quiz


Every holiday is special. We have some holidays that are the most famous around the world; for example the new year’s day and Christmas eve, etcetera, but on this occasion we are not going to talk about holidays in specific. We are going to talk about some characters that are not heroes or something like that. We will talk about the holiday villains. Does that sound crazy? Well, I know you know more about them than you think. Bing Holiday Villains Trivia

Bing Holiday Villains Quiz

There are some famous holiday villains, I guess you know some of them; for example: the Grinch, Scrooge, Mr. Oogie Boogie, etcetera. Some of them, at the end of the stories, understand the meaning of the holiday, some of them don’t do it. However they are an important part of every holiday story. You can love them, hate them, but they work with their stories and at the end we can learn from them (just please try to learn the positives things they can teach us 😅).

This is an interesting topic to be tested, right?. So, let’s see your knowledge about these villains. If you do not know something, don’t worry! Just as our villains at the end of each story, you could learn something new. So, I hope you enjoy our holiday villains quiz.

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