Bing Love Songs Quiz


Oh la là ! The beauty of love! Love is not objective, it is abstract. And the way we express how we feel for someone is not the same for everyone and we can do it in different ways. When we are in love with someone we want to spend time with that special person.

We are like flying in the sky. When we are in love, we want to buy gifts, write letters and post on social media all the time about this person. But the most of the time what every person really wants is to dedicate songs.

Bing Love Songs Quiz

There are many love songs in the world. Some of them made us feel alive, some of them made us feel happy or even sad; sometimes these songs remember us someone we love or someone we have lost. It doesn’t matter the language, it is something universal. But, what makes a song something special for each one? Is it the rhythm? Or is something deeper than that? Perhaps it could be the lyrics or the moment. The true is we all have danced, cried or fallen in love with someone when we listen to these kind of songs. Let’s discover the love song inside your heart!

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