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Lunar eclipses are one of the most incredible natural phenomenon that exists and the science behind it is impressive. There are so many things happening in an eclipse, that you’d be surprise about all the magic. Lunar Eclipse Trivia.

But, if you are a big fan of astronomy, the moon and eclipses, then you probably know a lot about this subject. You definitely need to take the Bing Lunar Eclipse Quiz right now, where you will find different questions about these events so you can put your knowledge to test.

bing eclipse lunar quiz

Bing Lunar Eclipse Quiz is located in the Bing Fun section of the platform. In here you can find a lot of different quizzes, test, games and so much more. Once you find this quiz, you click on it and you will be able to see the main page of the test. And once you start, you will see all the questions with three possible answers. If you are playing for the points, take a look at the questions next so you can know what to answer.

Bing Lunar Eclipse Quiz: questions

It appears that this quiz is not set up correctly

7 Responses to “Bing Lunar Eclipse Quiz

  1. So many wrong answers.
    A lunar eclipse is when the MOON passes in the shadow of the Earth. It only happens at night and on full moons.
    The correct line up is; SUN EARTH MOON. Not Sun, Moon, Earth. (That is a Total Solar Eclipse)
    The word Lunar means Moon. The word Solar means Sun. If you are on the Moon during a Total Lunar Eclipse you cannot see the Sun’s photosphere, you will see a brightly illuminated ring of the Earth’s atmosphere.
    Closest star to the Earth? Our Sun of course.

  2. it is not closest star to the earth it was written closest START to earth. anyway your right. everything is wrong. i knew all answers and it told me wrong. MICROSOFT BING IS THE WORST

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