Bing March Quiz


Are you informed with all the latest news? Do you normally read the news on Bing? Well, now we have great news for you, because you can take the Bing March Quiz and find out how much you know about the current events and learn more of them.

It is very simple and you can find them all in the Bing Fun section, specifically in the News Quiz. Since it is still March, you can choose the current weeks and take the test.

Bing March Quiz

The Bing March Quiz has different questions about the current events. It is filled with different subjects, like politics, entertainment, sports, science, events and everything that went a viral new this month. It is a good way to stay informed and also play to win points. Now, with these tests, you can make points and exchange them for rewards. It is fun, educative and you can win prizes with it.

Bing March Quiz: questions

Now, let’s take a look at the questions you might find in the Bing March Quiz so you can be prepared to answer and make all the points!

Justin Bieber recently became the youngest musician to do what?

Sen. Chuck Schumer admitted to spending nearly $9,000 on which New York delicacy?

Why is the heiress to the Hot Pockets fortune going to jail?

The ‘doomsday vault on an island in the Artic now contains over a million of what?

What did a Maryland woman return 55 after stealing it?

The pioneering heavy metal band Judas Priest announced their anniversary tour. How many years have they been in the biz?

When both Carolina Hurricanes goalies were injured during an NHL game in Toronto, who stepped in to save the day?

Graphic designer Michael Hertz died this week at age 87. What was his best-known design?

Which reality show is launching a spinoff featuring senior citizens?

Which athlete announced their retirement this week?

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