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If you tend to go to Bing to read the news and you know everything that is happening at every moment because you like to be informed, then you need to try the Bing News Quiz.

You probably already know that now on this platform you can find different quizzes and test about current events, holidays and random facts that are very interesting. But now you can take the news quiz, which is all about news.

Bing is trying to implement different quizzes so their users can have more fun using their platform but also to have an educational moment with every user, which is very useful. Especially around news, we all should know what is going on currently in the country and the world, so now with these quizzes, you can find out what is happening everywhere and be on top of the news.  But exactly, what will you find in these quizzes?

All the different Bing News Quiz

Of course, the world has way too much news for us to catch on everything, it is understandable. But sometimes we don’t know much about what is happening in our country or the most relevant international affairs, so to change this, you can take the Bing News Quiz because it will give you all the correct information you need.

There are different topics that you can find in these quizzes, for example:

  • Healthcare in Russia
  • Amazon Primer EDU
  • Atletico Madrid beat Barcelona in Supercopa derby
  • Bing News Sense Quiz for January

And you can find so many more subjects on these quizzes, from science, current politics events, videogames and so much more. This is way people love this quizzes, because you can find everything and learn a little bit about every theme.

How to play in this Quiz?

As other quizzes, you will find this one on the main page of Bing and everybody can play. You will have seven questions, one per day of the week, and each one of them has three possible answers. You just need to choose what is the right one and then the platform will show you the correct answers and more information about every subject if you want.

Now take your time and take one of these quizzes. They are fun, short and very educative. We can all learn something new that is currently happening and the world. And you can share it with friends or family so they can participate too!

Caty Norman

  1. Bonnie says:

    I can't find the wombat quiz. Why does it have to be so hard to find?

  2. Zack Cantrell says:

    This definitely a great find. Have a long wait for whatever and don’t feel like a movie. Why not test your knowledge of all things big and small, light and dark?

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