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Culture is something that is everywhere and covers basically everything. Patrimoine is the French word to talk about legacy, and involves from paintings, books, constructions, songs, poems, and so much more.

Everything that is considered a legacy and something cultural it is into this concept. If you want to learn more about this, especially the French culture with the renaissance, you can take the Bing Patrimoine Quiz, a test with all the important questions.

bing patrimoine quiz

If you know a lot about art, architecture, paintings, poems, books, artists, and important cultural events from the renaissance, then you definitely should take this quiz. It is fun, short and easy to do, but most important, it is very educative. With this quiz you will find out so much more about these events and you can test your knowledge on them.

Also, if you are playing for the points that Bing gives away with the tests, you can take a look at the questions that we will show you next. This way, you can be prepare for the quiz and answer all the questions correctly and make all the points. Take a look at them!

Bing Patrimoine Quiz: questions

As we mentioned, with this quiz you can learn more about the Patrimoine. It is short and simple, so take a look at these questions:

The famous statue of ‘David’ was carved by which Renaissance artist?

a.Michelangelo                    c. Raphael

b. Leonardo da Vinci           d. Donatello

What gallery would one visit to see Botticelli’s famous painting ‘La Primavera’?

a. The Vatican Museum      c. Uffizi Gallery

b. Borghese Gallery             d. The Louvre

Les Demoiselles D’Avignon is a 1907 work by which artist?

a. Paul Cezanne                     c. Gustav Klimt

b. Pablo Picasso                    d. Henri Matisse

Benjamin Baker and John Fowler designed which famous bridge?

a. Sydney Harbour Bridge  c. Golden Gate Bridge

b. London Bridge                 d. Forth Bridge

The quiz has more questions, but with this ones you cna have an idea of them. It is very simple and fun, so if you know a lot about the subject, you can definitely take it and make sure your knowledge is on point. Share with friends and challenge them to make all the points. Also, make sure you make your research so you can answer the quiz perfectly and take all the points!

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