Bing Predicts


As you must know Bing was created to give users the opportunity to search about any topic they want, it comes in different languages and is known for being one of the best searches in the United States; Bing was created by Microsoft in June of 2009 it came as the replacement of Live Search, and it delivers results accurately and updated, but in order to make this search service even better Microsoft created Bing Predicts on April 2014.

Bing Predicts

Bing Predicts can be defined as a prediction engine, which uses all the research trending, the feelings that the public shows for those topics, as well as, the searches on Bing and the social media topics, in order to predict results, such as political elections, sports events, and even reality shows.

This idea came after a man called Walter Sun who is the Development Manager for the Core Ranking Team at Bing realized that people tended to look for predictions results about big weather events way before they happened and that these predictions were accurate just for being based on locations and time.

Based on this, this man thought that maybe by using some search data, it was possible to predict the results of sports events or reality shows, for example, the first reality shows that got into Bing Predictions were American Idol, The Voice, and Dancing with the stars, other important events inside Bing Predicts are The World Cup and the NBA drafts.

Besides Bing Predictions, this web site also offers others features like interface features, media features, third party integration, integration for Windows 8, translator services, it also has quizzes, trivia, and polls about all the different topics that are very popular among the public, if you are a big fan of any topic in particular like food, sports, films, etc, try one of our quizzes.

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