Bing Quiz for 100 Points Getting Microsoft Rewards

Bing Quiz for 100 Points: Getting Microsoft Rewards


Wih  Bing Quizzes, users are going to be able have a great time, learn about new things and topics and while doing so they are going to be generating Microsoft Reward points, as a program where such points can be redeemed for different prices.

For example, for every right answer the user has on the quiz, there are 10 Microsoft Reward points that are going to be given to the user. However, in order to obtain more points and get to have 100 or more, there are other ways to obtain them easily.

Bing Quiz for 100 Points

The easiest ways to get such points is by taking advantage of the available Microsoft services online. For example, points will be given by performing queries on Bing, by using the search bat on Windows 10, by using Cortana to search on Bing and by taking the Bing Quiz and answering the questions right. With Microsoft Points users will be able to enjoy discount coupons and more.  

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