Bing Quizzes for Kids


There are a lot of quizzes on the Bing page that everybody can take, but if you have kids and you want to make a quiz with them, you should take one of the Bing quizzes for kids. Kids Trivia.

These quizzes are very short, fun and educative, so your kids can learn a lot while having fun taking those quizzes. Also, it is a cool activity to make with all the family so everybody can learn something new.

kids bing quiz

The Bing quizzes for kids are in the Bing Fun section of the platform. In here you can take different quizzes about different subjects. But if you want to know what to expect from them and know exactly what are the questions, we will show you next a few examples of them. Take a look at this quiz and make sure to play with your kids!

Bing quizzes for kids: questions and answers

As we mentioned, this quiz covers a lot of subjects, but it is general knowledge for kids so they can put their knowledge to test and learn more in the way. So, take a look at these questions.

It appears that this quiz is not set up correctly

35 Responses to “Bing Quizzes for Kids

  1. What is the name of school that Harry Potter attended?
    Answer Provided: Hogwarts
    Correct Answer: Romania
    Wrong….correct answer is Hogwarts !!!

  2. all my answers are correct except this one
    Do you know the country that sent an Armada to attack Britain in 1588s?
    Answer Provided: France
    Correct Answer: Spain

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