Bing Super Bowl Quiz

Bing Super Bowl Quiz


It is a touchdown! The ______________ (insert the name of your favorite team) won the Superbowl 2021! This is one of the best and the biggest sports events in the world.

Millions of people around the globe are always waiting for this day to come. Flags, colors, songs, celebration, you can feel the environment, smell it, feel it, it is the Superbowl! Bing Super Bowl Trivia

Bing Super Bowl Quiz

Even if in another countries there are people who do not actually watch american football games, they become the best fans when Superbowl starts. Don’t forget the special concerts we have on this event! Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Maroon 5, and the list continues… What about the special trailers of your favorite films? Or the commercials that are really great? The big game attracts the marks. There is no doubt about how spectacular is this event.

But, are you a real fan? How much do you know about Superbowl? When did this sport event start? How many men for the losing team have been named MVP? Do you know the name of the last team that won the Superbowl? Well, let’s test if you really know about one of the most famous sports events. I hope you can enjoy and learn by doing this Superbowl quiz!

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