Bing Tech History Quiz


Technology, How would you define that word? What does come to your mind when someone tell you this word? Is technology something good or bad for us? How have technology made your life easier? Well, there are plenty of things we could say about this topic. Humans have been developing new technologies every year. Bing Tech History Triva.

Bing Tech History Quiz

If you think about ten years ago, the world has changed a lot and the techs are part of this change. For example, your cellphone, ten years ago if you had a cellphone with 2GB ROM, you had one of the fastest cellphones on the market. But now those are the slowest cellphones if we compare them to others; because we even have 8GB ROM cellphones and more. But that is just an example. Someday in the future, we will probably have cars that fly or robots that will clean our house… Well, there are a lot of possibilities.

The question here is: how much do you know about technology? Do you have any idea about the impact that technology had in our past? And, what about our present? Well, let’s discover and test your knowledge about this topic on this tech quiz! I hope you can enjoy it and learn with us!

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