Bing Thanksgiving Quiz


Are you grateful for something? I am sure you are and I think that is good and correct. Sometimes we forget to thank God for everything we have. We forget that we are blessed, we forget that life is beautiful, even when there are some troubles. 

If we are alive, we have something to be thankful for. That’s why we have created this special quiz about an special celebration that we have every year to thank all the blessings we have had during the year: Thanksgiving day.

Bing Thanksgiving Quiz

There are many people that celebrate the Thanksgiving day. Do you do it? This day is focused on giving thanks for the blessings we have received throughout the year.

In the past, the people thanked to God for the good harvest they obtained. Nowadays the most of us have no harvest but we have a job, we have earnings, we are healthy, we have family and friends. Well, I know we have a lot to thank. There are a lot I would like to write about this day but it is time to see how much you know about it. So, please enjoy our Thanksgiving day quiz!

Remember that if you do not know some answers, don’t worry! This quiz was also created with the objective of made you learn new things.

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