Bing Weekly Quiz

If you like answering quizzes and polls, then you might love Bing Weekly Quiz.

A lot of people love quizzes because they can learn something new, have fun and be entertained while doing it. Now on Bing, you can get a new type of quiz that can give you a lot of information about the news and important topics in the world. So, are you a quiz lover? Do you like to learn new facts? Then this is for you!

Bing Weekly Quiz
Bing Weekly Quiz

Bing is trying to engage with its users in a new way. In 2015, the most shared content on Facebook was quizzes, and a lot of people love to do them, learn and share them with friends. They are fun, quick, educational and easy to do. So, now Bing wants to take some of that actions and put it on their platform so the users want to come back over and over to take the quizzes. They have different quizzes, like the homepage quiz, but they also offer others.

But what is exactly a Bing Weekly Quiz? Well, every week Bing gives you all the news in your country, city and the world. Everyday something new happens and there are some news more relevant than others. Bing wants to test your knowledge on the news and important events of the week, and see if you can answer the test without getting it wrong.

Where can I take the Bing Weekly Quiz?

If you want to participate on the Bing Weekly Quiz, you just need to go to the main page of Bing, which is then, on the main page you will see Bing Fun, where you can access to all the quizzes and polls. In here, you just need to tap on the Weekly Quiz. The subjects and topics changes every week, so you can find different things.

You will see different questions, up to 7 question in total. The idea is to answer them all right, and you can get points. Mostly, the questions are about that week’s news or relevant events that are currently happening. It is a good way to test your knowledge on current topics.

The idea is to answer correctly, so you can get the reward points. If you do it, you can save a lot of points and exchange them for gift cards or other prizes. You can check their reward program previously to see if you can participate in this game. This is a good way to keep the users coming back to use the browser again and again and keep the interest in the product.

I’m having troubles to see the quiz… what should I do?

The Bing Weekly Quiz is a new implementation that is not available everywhere. So, if you are not seeing the quiz, it is probably because you have a different language that it is not English. Since they have a reward program, they probably are offering this only on some countries. You need to change your settings, so the computer can set a different direction, or try to change the language of the main page. This way, the platform will give you access to the Bing Fun page.

Once you change these settings, you will be able to see and participate on this quizzes. But keep in mind that the reward program might not be available for you. The platform is also offering different quizzes and polls and you can win points with all of them. They are really fun, quick and entertaining to do, so every time you go and use Bing, you can take a different quiz to learn something new.

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