Bing Wimbledon Quiz


Every tennis lover knows about the importance of the Wimbledon tournament celebrated each year, having the same or even more influence than the US Open or the Roland Garros.

But, do they know about every fact, winner and plays given on this prestigious competition? With the Bing Wimbledon quiz, they will be able to find out.

Challenge your knowledge about the official English tournament of Wimbledon celebrated since 1877, as the oldest competition of its kind globally by completing the related trivia. Who has most Wimbledon trophies in history? Who is the most recent winner in female and male divisions?

Bing Wimbledon Quiz

Bing Wimbledon Quiz

If you know all of this and more, taking the quiz will be easy and fun to complete. Every trivia includes seven questions to be answered, each with four different options to choose from. The more corrects answers you have in less time, the more points you receive.

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