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Fun Learning with Bing: Homepage Quiz:


Fun Learning with Bing. When it comes to pass the time and have some fun at the same time, there is nothing like taking a quiz and learn about new things. With Bing Homepage Quiz, users will be able to challenge their knowledge about a great set of topic.

The Bing Homepage Quiz was released in 2016, as a game for users to pass the time and test their knowledge in different categories: culture, history, Halloween, sports, finance, technology, math and so much more. Also, there are weekly quizzes to have some fun answering question about current events around the world.

Bing Homepage Quiz

How to take the Bing Homepage Quiz and have some fun? Go to, click on the option Trivia and Quizzes located in the main menu to the left, click on Start Quiz and have some fun. With these quizzes users can learn more and at the same obtain Microsoft Reward points and redeem them. Fun Learning with Bing. 

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