How to answer Bing Quizzes?


Do you tend to use Bing to search for things? If you do, then you probably realize that they are implementing quizzes and polls that you can take any time you want.

They are short, very simple, easy to answer and very educative. The best part about these quizzes is that you can get a reward that you later can exchange for prizes. But, how to answer Bing Quizzes exactly? What is the process?

How to answer bing quizzes

Bing is offering different types of quizzes and polls that you can find in different places. You can take the Bing Homepage Quiz that is on the main page of the platform. You can also take the Bing Weekly Quiz that comes up every week to test your knowledge of current news and relevant events. There are other fun quizzes that you can find in the Fun Section of the page, but there two that are the main ones.

How to take the Bing Quizzes?

So, exactly, how to take the Bing Quizzes? Well, the process is very simple:

If you answer correctly, you will get points. If you are a member, then you can exchange those points for rewards. So, you can take all the quizzes every week and daily to add up more points and then have a prize for participate.

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