How to change questions on Bing Quizzes?


Do you always use Bing to search for information, read the news and be informed about the current events?

If you do this, then you might have realized that on the main page of the platform, you will find the Bing Homepage Quiz. This is a very short, quick and fun test that everybody can answer and it will be about important events, history, news and any other subject.

Bing quizzes

But if you always use Bing, then you will realize that every time you go to the main page, it is basically the same one. So, if you tap or click on the Q icon (which is what indicates the Quiz section) you will see the same question over and over again. Is there a way to change this? Does Bing offer more questions than just one? Well, in fact, they do and you can change it if you want to.

In this post we will explain to you how to change questions on Bing Homepage Quiz very easily.

Looking for another question on Bing Homepage Quiz

As we mentioned before, the Bing Homepage Quiz is a very short, quick test where you can see if your knowledge on different subjects, like music, art, history, science and more is valid. It is very fun and once you answer one, the page will show you the right answer and other links where you can get more information about the subject, this way you can learn something new!

But, what if you get tired of the same question all the time? If you go to the main page at different times in a day, you will see the same question pop up. So, how to change this? Well, it is very simple:

If you tap or click on the Q icon, you will see the question and the three possible answers. It is the same, right? Well, you will also be able to see two arrows pointing side to side just right there in the question, at the bottom of the screen. This will change the background image of the homepage and will also change the question!

This way you can see another background and see the other questions that are in the Bing Homepage Quiz. Is that simple and fast, you just need to spot the arrows and click on them.

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