How to participate in Bing Quizzes?


How to participate in Bing Quizzes? Do you normally use Bing to search for everything? Well, then you probably already noticed the new quizzes and polls that Bing is showing up. These are short questions, very easy, simple and fun that everybody can take to learn more, spend some free time learning or reading something relevant and so much more.

participate bing quizzes

Now, when you go to the main page of Bing, you can take the homepage quiz that is a short question with three possible answers. It is very fun and you can learn a lot about that subject, because once you answer, the page shows you more information about that. But this is not the only quizz, you can participate in a lot of them. They have it on the Fun section for everyone.

Taking Bing quizzes for the first time

If you go to the main page of Bing, which is you will be able to take the first test, which is a short Bing Homepage Quiz. This one is very short, so it is just one question with three possible answers. If you choose one answer, it will show you a new page with the right answer and more information about it.

Most of the times, the homepage quiz is related to the background or is just a random question. The topics changes, so you can find basically anything there.

But you can take other quizzes in the Fun section, like the weekly quiz. This quiz collects questions about events or news that happened over the week, this way you can test how much you know about the current news. It has seven questions, one per day, and each one has three possible answers. You can check the news on the Bing homepage, and every week you will see a new quiz about them.

There are other quizzes and polls that Bing is trying to implement so people keep engaging with them. There are all fun, entertaining and educative. You just need to check the Fun section and try new quizzes to participate on them, is that simple. Everybody can do it, so don’t miss out!

Remember that Bing is rewarding its members with points, so if you answer a lot of questions and you have a considerable amount of points, you can exchange them for gift cards or other prizes.

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