How to win points on Bing Quizzes?


If you are a quiz lover, then you probably know already about the Bing Quizzes.

The platform is trying to implement new quizzes and polls so the users can learn something new, have fun and engage a little bit more with the page. Everybody can take them and they are really easy to do, very fun and educative. But the best part, is that if you answer correctly, you can win points.

win quizzes points

Bing wants to reward its members through this new system. The basic idea is that you become a member and then you can participate in the quizzes that are on the main page or in the Bing Fun section. You can choose any quiz you want and answer it. If you get the answers right, you win some points.

The more points you win, the more chances you have to exchange them for reward and prizes. For example, you can exchange your points for gift cards. You can get other prizes that you can check on their reward program, and it is very easy to participate, you just need to answer all the questions correctly and add up points.

But, how to do this? If you really don’t know how to participate on the quizzes, keep reading this post because we will show you step by step how to do it.

How to take Bing Quizzes?

As we mentioned before, now on Bing you can take different quizzes. All of them will give you some points that will be add up to your account or you can share them on your profiles. To get them you can answer the Bing Homepage Quiz or the Bing Weekly Quiz.

The Bing Homepage Quiz you will find it on the main page of the platform. Under the search bar you will see a Q icon, and if you tap on it, you will see the question and three possible answers.

The Bing Weekly Quiz is every week and it has seven different questions for each day of the week. It is a collection of questions about the events and news that happened that same week, so if you read the news on the homepage, you will know every single answer.

This is a new way for Bing to keep interacting with its users and to keep them coming back all the time. But, it is also a good way to get some prizes while learning!

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