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Ice falls are formed on glaciers when they narrow or tilt. The Ice falls have its name because of its similarity to waterfalls, but these are instead, a higher speed phenomenon, formed by pieces of ice, frequently visited by mountaineers looking for the incredible challenge of climbing them. Icefall Trivia.

This activity is attractive for them due to the beauty of the landscape they offer, in addition to the adrenaline that entails crossing these wonderful ice formations, in addition to being on the route to important mountain tops. 

icefall bing quiz

Many times the waterfalls represent not only an exciting journey, but it can also be dangerous. Such is the case of one of the most famous ice falls, the Khumbu, located in Nepal, which receives numerous visits from mountaineers every year. This turns out to be one of the easiest accesses during the route to climb Mount Everest.

This route is quite dangerous, due to the fact that significant landslides of ice often occur in some areas, which has represented the death of many mountaineers over the years. In addition, the risks of avalanches are very frequent in those places due to the high temperatures that have occurred in recent years, as a consequence of global warming, which directly affects glaciers causing these to melt and slide.

However, the beauty of these ice formations is undeniable, therefore, Ice falls will continue to be one of the most visited destinations by mountaineers. If you are one of the people attracted to these towering ice formations, then don’t hesitate to check out the Icefall Bing Quiz.

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