“I'm having trouble finding bing quiz” Don't worry here's the solution!

“I’m having trouble finding bing quiz” Don’t worry here’s the solution!


If you are just starting to use Bing and you can’t find the Bing Quiz alternative even if you do a search, you probably need to check your Microsoft account or the site where you are located.

People like to participate the quiz to get new ideas and have fun at home. Being aware that it is disappointing to try to participate in the quizzes and it is difficult for you to have Access and have fun.

It is my duty to tell you that on many occasions, the way you set up the location creates inconvenience for you when entering Bing quiz in your browser. The most viable options have been presented to solve this inconvenience and start enjoying Bing Homepage quiz right now.

“I'm having trouble finding bing quiz” Don't worry here's the solution!

No more “I’m having difficulty observing the bing quiz issue”

These drawbacks confronted by a great deal of people dwelling in the United States recently. I am aware that users are trying to solve the drawback favorably.

With no more to say let’s get started immediately I’m having a hard time observing the Bing quiz drawback! Here’s how you should do things.

#1. Verify that you have started the Bing search engine. If not, go to www.bing.com from your usual browser.

#2. Go to the top right, select login if you are already registered. Otherwise you must register with your Outlook or Hotmail account.

#3 when you have done this step click on the options that are in the three horizontal lines that are located next to the alternative that presents your account at the top right. 

#4 then there will be a few opportunities to start in configuration!

#5 you will be prompted for all options such as language, country and location. You must repeat the same procedure in configuration by clicking there. In location you will enter the code.

#6. Once you have done this, repeat the same process again in Settings, then click on location settings and enter the zip code for your area. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click on save and voila, you have now changed the location in your Bing search engine. Simple right? With these steps done, search for Bing weekly quiz or Bing Quiz and you will see the quizzes on your screen right away.

If you are in the United States don’t forget to click on the Microsoft rewards program, there, on the icon where a little medal appears. You can get it in the top right corner of the Bing home page. 

After reading this I hope all your doubts are now clear. There is nothing stopping you to start playing and earn good rewards for yourself while spending your free time. 

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