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The octopus is one of the most special animals that can be found in the sea: it can adapt the color of its body according to the characteristics of the environment it is, imitating the textures, patterns and colors. This is because its skin has specialized muscles and pigment cells that helps it to adapt. Octopus Trivia.

Furthermore, these colors represent its moods. If it is nervous turns in bluish, if it feels threatened becomes paler, and if it gets angry turns reddish. If you want to know more about Octopuses, take the Octopus Bing Quiz right now.

Bing Octopus Quiz

Octopuses are invertebrates (this means, they do not have a skeleton), called cephalopods because they have their feet on their heads. Its “feet” are actually 8 tentacles around its mouth, with two rows of powerful suction cups with which they can hunt their prey. The octopus has three hearts and a brain. It is also called one of the most intelligent species of all invertebrates, this helps them avoid attacks by predators, for which it also has wonderful defense techniques.

One of those techniques is the possibility of expelling water under pressure, which allows it to move at high speeds propelling itself with it. But one of its most peculiar characteristics is its black ink tank, which it uses when needs to flee from threats, clouding the predator’s sight. But, even if it is captured by a predator, it can loosen one of its arms to be able to flee.

Octopuses are undoubtedly species with many secrets and curiosities. If you are intrigued by these tentacle animals, check out the Octopus Bing Quiz.

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