Bing Wombat Quizzes


If you spend a lot of time in Bing, then you already know that they offer different types of quizzes and games to their users to entertain and educate in different subjects. If you like animal quizzes, we recommend you to take the Bing Homepage Quizzes Wombat. This is a short, fun and entertaining test about this cute animals.

Bing Wombat Quizzes

If you like wombats and you feel like you know a lot about them, tae this quiz and test your knowledge on this cute animals. If you don’t know much, don’t worry, this is a great opportunity to learn something new about them. This quiz will talk about their characteristics, habits and even tell you some fun facts about wombats that you may not know yet.

Where can you take the Bing Homepage Quizzes Wombat?

If you want to take the Bing Homepage Quizzes Wombat right now you just have to go to the Bing official site. Once you land on their homepage, you will be able to see the daily quizzes. In case you don’t find the wombat quiz there, you just have to go to the Bing Fun section and search for the homepage option.

Once you are there, look for the wombat quiz and start taking it right there. It has a few questions and each one of them has around 3 possible answers. When you finish it, the page will tell you how many correct answers you had and if you want to know more about that subject, you can click on the question to know more.

Questions from the Bing Wombat Quiz

What dies does the wombat live on?

  1. Eucalyptus leaves only
  2. Omnivorous
  3. Herbivorous
  4. Carnivorous

Where do wombats make their home?

  1. In the tree hollow
  2. In the burrows in the ground
  3. In the nest on the ground made of twigs and leaves
  4. On the branches of trees

What is the nearest relative of wombat?

  1. Koala
  2. Numbat
  3. Bilby
  4. Kangaroo

What is the baby wombat known for?

  1. Joey
  2. Kitten
  3. Cub
  4. Pup

What is the different of the pouch of wombat compared to most other marsupials?

  1. It faces backwards
  2. It has two segments for the twin births
  3. It is on the back of the wombat rather than the underside
  4. It is able to accommodate up to four wombat babies simultaneously

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