Reward and prizes for Bing Quizzes?


Do you like doing quizzes? Do you often use Bing to search for your things? Well, great news, because now you can get a reward and prizes for participating in the Bing Quizzes, which are short, simple, very fun and educative.

These quizzes are different and are in different parts of the platform, but if you are a member you can get points while answering some simple questions.

Reward and prizes for Bing Quizzes?

The Bing Quizzes are a fun way to keep interacting with the page, which is the main goal of the company by putting these quizzes and polls. But you can get points and then exchange those for prizes like gift cards and others. It is very simple and the only thing you need to do is answer right all the questions to add points.

Do you want the rewards but you don’t know how to answer the quizzes? Well, keep reading this post to find out what to do and get the prizes.

What are Bing Quizzes?

First of all, there are two main Bing Quizzes. The first is the Bing Homepage Quiz, which is located on the main page. Just under the search bar you will see a Q icon, and if you click on it, you will be able to see the questions and three possible answers. The topics are random and can go from art, music, history, to events, news and more.  

The other principal is the Bing Weekly Quiz, which comes up every week to test your knowledge on current news and relevant events. It is formed by seven different questions, each one for one day of the week, and with its answers. This quiz you can find it in the Bing Fun sections, where are all the quizzes, polls, gifs, animations, and others.

How to win points?

The main idea of these quizzes is that you learn something new, so you only get points if you answer correctly. Since all the questions are somehow featured on the homepage or are general knowledge, you probably get a lot of correct answers. The more right answers you get, the more points you are making.

The idea is to collect some points, the more you have better, and then you can exchange them for some prizes. This can change, depending on the terms and conditions of their reward program. But, for example, you can change your points for a gift card and you can get things easily by just answering quizzes!

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  1. I was enjoying the visual/vision test, although it was getting really long… And then all of a sudden it started over! I guess all my answers are lost? I can’t bear to do them all again and I was hoping to win some points for Special Olympics or some other charity. Can the points be used for that rather than for gift cards?

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