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If you use Bing frequently, you probably already know that this platform is using different quizzes to entertain their users.

Every single day you can find a different quiz about a different subject and learn a little bit more about everything. Music, history, art, philosophy, politics, science, nature, random facts and so much more in these quizzes. They are fun, very simple to answer, short and the idea is to learn and share the information with others. Today’s Quiz on Bing is a whole new way to learn.

Today's quiz on bing

There are different quizzes every day, but if you want to know more about what questions that you could find in Today’s Quiz on Bing, keep reading because we will share some examples.

Today’s Quiz on Bing: questions

Today is January 29th and we will show you today’s questions. But, remember that every day you will get new ones and all of them are different subject. So, take a look at these:

It appears that this quiz is not set up correctly It appears that this quiz is not set up correctly

As you can see, these questions are very simple, interesting and entertaining. Some of them are easy and some of them very tricky. The idea is to learn along the way, so have fun every day reading and answering it in the main page of Bing!

47 Responses to “Today’s Quiz on Bing

  1. I was doing my Bing quizzes and had previously got all answers right on 2 previous quizzes about art and music. But then after selecting my nxt quiz under music nothing came on the screen as before to question me. I like doing these quizzes also for the points but for the knowledge it gives me and they are also fun to do. can u please tell me why thoption was no longer available?
    Crystal Klentz

  2. It is really a nice interesting quiz. participating in the quiz will enhance the IQ of the participator.

  3. Thank you for keeping us all entertained and alittle bit smarter than when we first started.. Please have more of these quizzes on all subjects.
    1. math
    2. presidents
    3. people who are now famous for doing something to themselves. I sure do not know this question, do you?

  4. Love these quizzes, gives a chance to learn about our beautiful planet and also get a break from the crazy times we live in atm.

  5. entertaining amazing what i thought was correct but how wrong I was but thats the beauty of quizzes and how we learn from them

  6. People, its just trying to observe your behavior…. Google or SOMETHING has liked watching us for a long time I theorize.

  7. Some of your answers are most definitely incorrect specifically the Taj Mahal questions it took 22 years to build the Taj Mahal secondly yes that was going to be a black marble Taj Mahal built but they didn’t do it your answers are wrong

  8. Something happened and my original post is missing a few words. I miss being able to correct a post or remove it but such is life. Here is the what I wanted to post.

    I think the elephant quiz needs to have the questions regarding the social aspect of the elephant include gender and age. Female elephants and juvenile male elephants do live together in herds lead by a dominant female. She allows young male elephants to stay with the herd up to a certain age. Young male elephants that have reached sexual maturity, but are still growing and learning will live in small bachelor herds. However, once he reaches full maturity, (a Bull) he will live a solitary life.

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