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Utah Lake, is an important freshwater lake located in the state of Utah, in the western United States. It has a length of 392 km², which makes it one of the most important natural freshwater lakes in the country. Utah Lake Trivia.

It originates from the old Bonneville Lake after the Great Salt Lake and its waters flow north through the Jordan River. Utah Lake has a maximum width of 20.4 km and its length is about 38.3 km. Despite having a significant length, it is a shallow lake, barely 4.27 meters deep. 

Bing Utah Lake Quiz

This lake borders cities like Provo and Orem, and connects with two large bays: Goshen to the south and Provo to the east. For this reason, it’s common to say that Utah Lake dominates the Utah Valley in northern Utah. In addition, around the lake there are several hot spring sources that turn out to be quite popular. For example, the hot springs of Lincoln Beach and those of Saratoga Springs.

The proximity of this lake with urban areas of the cities that surround it, make it a recreational point for fishing and the practice of different water sports such as water skiing and windsurfing. In this lake there are different species of fish, which have been threatened, and some have even disappeared, as a consequence to fishing. Currently the predominant species in the lake is Carp fish.

Utah Lake is not only an important natural attraction in the Western United States, but also a recreational site for the many people who visit it. If this lake catches your attention, take a look of this Utah Lake Bing Quiz.

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