Bing Wallpaper Daily Quiz


If you use Bing frequently, you will know that they are implementing and sharing different activities to entertain and engage with their users. You can find quizzes, puzzles and games here. And one of the most popular quizzes is the Bing Wallpaper Daily Quiz, a short test that will ask you about the subject of the wallpaper. Each day is different, so each day you learn something new.

Bing Wallpaper Daily Quiz

This quizzes are very short and interesting. They go according to the wallpaper theme, so if you get an animal wallpaper, you will get your quiz related to it. It is very fun, quick and simple to do. Once you are done, you can research more through the page about this subject, and Bing will show you articles and pages about it.

How can I take the Bing Wallpaper Daily Quiz?

As we mentioned, this is a daily quiz that changes every day. So, they put it on their main page, and you can find it just under the search bar. In here you will find different questions about the subject and each one of them has around 3 possible answers. Then, the page will let you know if you got the answer right or not and it will show you more information about it.

Also, remember that each day has different wallpapers so each day you can take different quizzes about different subjects. And if you are playing to get more points, this is a good simple quiz that can give you up to 5 points just by taking it, it doesn’t matter if you get it right or not.

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