What can you Win for Taking Bing Quizzes?


Bing is implementing a new method to make their users interact more with the platform and also to create an educational moment for everyone.

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Now you can find different quizzes on the page that are very short, quick to answer, simple and very fun. They go in different directions and subjects, so you can find everything in them, the idea is to learn something new. But, what can you win for taking Bing Quizzes?

Believe it or not, you can get a reward for answering these quizzes. Microsoft has a reward program where you can win points and then exchange them for prizes like gift cards. The quizzes are including in the program, and you win points if you answer correctly the question. It is a very simple way to make more points daily, especially if we take into consideration that there are many Bing Quizzes.

If you don’t know much about the platform and the quizzes, don’t worry, we will explain it to you all.

How can you make points with Bing Quizzes?

You probably already know that there are many Bing Quizzes on the platform. They can go from news, history, art, music, festivities, sciences and so much more. But the good thing is that some of them will give you a reward for taking them. This is the way of the company to encourage learning and education.

To win the points you just have to go to the Bing Fun sections and choose a quiz. You can find different subjects. For example, you have the Bing Homepage Quiz that is about different subjects, with one question only. The Bing Weekly Quiz has seven questions and it is about the news and events of the week. Answer correctly and get the points.

You can find other quizzes like the Halloween Quiz and so much more. To win the points you just have to answer the quizzes correctly, and you will get a small reward. Some of the quizzes will give you more points than others, but if you answer a few ones, you can make more points. Is really simple, you just have to answer correctly everything and if you are logged in your account, it will accredit the points to you.

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