What is Bing Quiz?


If you like using Bing to do your searches all the time, then you probably already noticed that Bing is implementing quizzes in their platform.

These quizzes are very short, simple and news and event related so everybody can participate in them. The idea is that while you use Bing, you can learn something in just a few minutes. But, what is exactly Bing Quiz? Well, is the new bet of the company.

What is Bing Quiz?

Bing is trying to make its platform more interactive and also give their users a few minutes of education about different subjects. Bing Quiz is the compilation of all these quizzes that can be entertaining, fun, and educational. Also, they are very short and easy to answer, so everybody that uses the browser can participate in them. But besides this, they are offering a small reward for participating!

If you don’t know much about the Bing Quiz and you want to start enjoying this new addition to the platform, keep reading this post to find out more.

What can you expect from Bing Quiz?

First of all, Bing Quiz is a compilation of different quizzes, as we mentioned before. These can be about the current news and events, about music, art, history, science, biology, Halloween, Christmas, and so much more. The subjects are different and the page has different quizzes that you can answer and participate in.

To access them you just need to go to the first page of Bing, which is www.Bing.com and then you can search for the quizzes you want. If you want to answer a specific one, you can type the name of the quiz on the search bar and then look it up. If you want to see all the quizzes, you need to go to the Bing Fun sections and you will be able to see all the fun and entertaining quiz.

For every quiz you get a reward if you are a member. For example, if you answer the Bing Homepage Quiz correctly, you will get 10 points of reward. If you get a lot of points, in the end you can exchange them for prizes or choose a gift card. It is very simple, you just have to answer a lot of quizzes and get more points with this method.

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  1. I had fun with quiz which came up from photo of greece would enjoy more of same I am no good aged 70 25% vision so found it was good interesting and gave me a break from usual

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