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Zac Efron is an American actor, currently well known in pop culture. The actor is 34 years old and has already participated in different numerous film and television titles, ranging from comedy, drama to musicals. Efron appeared early in his career in small roles on major television series such as ER, FireFly, and The Guardian.

Zac Efron Bing Quiz

Her first major role would be in the movie Miracle Run, where he would play an autistic boy, earning a Young Artist Award nomination. He would later have a regular role in a Warner series called Summerland. If you want to know more about him, take this Zac Efron Bing Quiz.

Zac Efron’s real leap to fame would come in 2006 when he landed the lead role in the Disney Channel Original movie “High School Musical.” There he played Troy Bolton, the captain of the high school basketball team, who is drawn to music and theater acting after meeting and singing with a girl over the holidays. This movie would make Zac a teenage idol, making him even appear on the Billboard Hot 100 that year with the songs from the movie soundtrack. High School Musical would have two more sequels, all three movies featuring Efron as the lead role.

The performance in musical films later made Zac obtain an important role in a version of the film Hairspray released in 2007. Efron has participated in different movies such as 17 again, The Lucky One, Charlie St. Cloud, The paper Boy , Neighbors, Baywatch, The Showman, among others.

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